Walks and trails

Walks and Trails in Morgan Bay

The mile-long Morgan Bay beach is very popular with walkers, as are the trails along the cliffs, but Morgan Bay has so much more to offer.

The Cape Morgan Lighthouse and Kei Mouth

Take a walk to the end of the Morgan Bay beach and along the rocks to the tidal pool. From there, a path leads up through the forest to the Cape Morgan Lighthouse. From there, it’s an easy 30 minute walk along the road through the forest to Kei Mouth. An alternate route to Kei Mouth is along the fishermen’s trails that weave along the coastline below the lighthouse.

The Morgan Bay cliffs, Double Mouth and onwards

Pack your camera and go for a hike over the spectacular cliffs. These impressive slabs of dolerite, which drop some 50 metres into the pounding surf, are ideal vantage points for watching the sunrise or enjoying a sundowner with friends. If you’re lucky, you may even see the dolphins frolicking in the waves which crash against the rocks below.

About 250m back from the head of the last cliff, walk down the path and along the rocky shoreline all the way to the Double Mouth Nature Reserve. The walk to Double Mouth is approx. 4km and you should be reasonably fit to attempt it.

From Double Mouth, one can head further South along the coastline past Bead Beach all the way to Marshstrand and Haga Haga, where you can enjoy lunch at the Haga Haga Hotel before heading back home. The walk from Double Mouth to Haga Haga is approx. 8-9km, so it may be advisable to drive to Double Mouth and walk to Haga Haga from there.

The Bushbuck Trail

The Bushbuck trail is an easy 700m family walk through the indigenous riverine forest at Yellowwood Forest. Head down to the far end of the campsite, where an impressive 300 year-old Yellowwood tree stands guard at the trail’s entrance.

Be on the lookout for forest residents as you make your way past the fairie grotto and monkey swings, towards the giant fig tree at the upper reaches of the Morgan Bay lagoon. Sit inside the wishing tree’s massive trunk and stare up at the enormous Hammerkop nest overhead. From here the path winds its way inland through the forest and past the swamp in a circle, ending back where you started.

Take the kids; there are real fairies hiding along the trail and the tiny bugs, beasties and bird life are spectacular.

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