The Great Kei River

Explore the Wonders of the Great Kei River

The Great Kei River is formed by the confluence of the Black Kei River and White Kei River, northeast of Cathcart. It flows for 320 km and ends here, in the Great Kei Estuary at Kei Mouth.

Historically, the river formed the South-Western border of the Transkei region which can be accessed via the ‘Pont’, one of only three car-transporting river ferries in South Africa.

It is popular with fishermen who frequent the river mouth, while others head North up the river in boats and fish all night for Cob (Kabeljou). The launch site at the Pont is also used by deep sea fishermen who head out via the river mouth and make good catches farther out to sea.

South Africa’s Southern-most naturally occurring mangrove population also occurs in the Great Kei river, around 1km upstream from the launch site on the East bank. The stand is still in its infancy with only a few hundred mature trees and many more germinating plants.

2 ½ and 4 ½ hour cruises up the Kei can be arranged for groups of up to 12 – see: Fish Eagle River Cruises

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