Morganville Farm Private Motorcycle Museum

The Morganville Farm Private Motorcycle Museum is located just 7km from Morgan Bay and houses over 650 motorcycles, a large passenger jet, several doubledecker buses, ox-wagons, train coaches, antique wooden organs and dentist's and barber's chairs.

Owned and run by former Eastern Cape Finance MEC, Billy Nel, the museum is opened to the public on the occasional open-day, which he holds for charities, some school holidays, and for visiting motorcycle clubs during rallies.

About the Aircraft

The aircraft is a Convair 880, built in 1963 with a carrying capacity of 110 passengers. It was converted into a business jet in the seventies and transported stars such as The Who, Barbara Streisand, John Denver and the Rolling Stones around the world.

It was purchased by the Ciskei Government in 1987 for use as a passenger jet by the newly created Ciskei International Airways, however, not only could it not get clearance to fly again, but it was still kitted out as a business jet with 1970s VIP interior, couches, beds and a bar all intact! It rested on the Bhisho tarmac until 1992, when it was bought for a nominal sum by then Eastern Cape Finance MEC, Billy Nel. Nel moved it by road to his home near the mouth of the Quinera River, between East London and Gonubie, where it served as a restaurant.

However, it was too close to the sea and began to decay, so in an effort to protect it he moved it to its current location in September 2007. The plane’s wings and tail were removed in preparation for its move to allow the 36-metre long body to fit beneath two bridges en route to Kei Mouth. The moved called for closing the N2 highway while the East Coast Resorts Road served as a detour.

One of the engines was donated to the Stutterheim Engine Museum.


Tel: 082 769 0844 (Billy)
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